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We have partnered with A Place for Mom to help you find the right senior care services for your loved one. A Place for Mom has established a nationwide network of carefully screened senior care providers and facilities ... everything from home care and assisted living to specialized memory care facilities. We are pleased to bring their referral service to you free of charge. (A Place for Mom is paid by their participating senior care providers and facilities.)

A Place for Mom has been helping seniors and their families find the best senior care for their needs and budget for over 10 years. Their knowledgeable and compassionate Senior Living Advisors will guide you through your search and can provide local support and resources. Let A Place for Mom help you online or call toll-free (877) 311-6092.

Senior Products and Supplies

If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest 2 excellent online resources for senior products. Their prices are among the lowest online. And, they are reliable. I've recommended each of them for several years and have never had any problems.

The Wright Stuff - Arthritis Supplies, Caregiver Products, and Mobility Aids and Accessories.
Silvert's - Adaptive Clothing and Footwear for the Elderly and Disabled.

Finally, just in case you're wondering, I do receive a small commission on anything you purchase using these links.

Mike Gamble, Founder / CEO


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